About us

we are People

United by a common goal, we are many individuals with a variety of skills and interests but we share one passion: to combat poverty, to change lives and together work hopefully towards a better future. That’s what makes us People.

We believe that through working together and using what is already available we can do just that. But we need your help.

Our mission

We are many individuals with different skills and a variety of interests. But we share one passion: to empower communities and provide opportunities for greater freedom. That’s what makes us People.

100% promise

We do all that we can to honour your generosity. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to ensuring that 100% of your donation goes to the project that you’ve chosen to support.

How we work

Poverty is the coalescence of many broken systems and in order to find a lasting solution we need to respond holistically.

Meet our founder

Hi, my name is Dan Chalke. I started People because I know that together we can create life-changing opportunities.

Contact us

We’d love to hear from you and share our news with you. There are loads of ways to stay in touch and we hope you do.

Our partners

Partners are the people that make it all possible. They are generous visionaries committed to the relisation of their hopeful vision of the future.