How we work

With people, for people

Poverty is the coalescence of many broken systems and in order to find a lasting solution we need to respond holistically. Because each community has a different set of challenges, we work closely with local people to identify key areas that require investment and development. We develop our programmes in partnership with local people and where possible partner with existing local projects.

Empowerment, ownership and freedom

Sometimes we keep a very discrete presence in the communities that we work. This is because our first priority is to empower local people and to do so we will always attempt to ensure that they take ownership of the projects. Sometimes it takes a while to train people up, but we’re always looking to pass on complete control.

Community partnerships are central to all that we do. We work closely with local people and organisations who are able to identify opportunities and take leading roles in both the development and delivery of programmes. Their involvement is critical to empowerment and provides a practical and strategic advantage. Practically, they have an unparalleled understanding of local issues and existing relationships with tradespeople and authorities. Strategically, local ownership is the most effective way to ensure the sustainability and longevity of any programme and is the assurance of empowerment.

We also develop partnerships with international people and organisations who are able to bring their unique skills and resource to facilitate our work. As a global community we share all of the skills and resources required to bring the empowerment that we must, we just need to work on our distribution.