do something amazing

We hope that you share our vision for a world without poverty and invite you to help change lives. Every penny that you raise from every mile walked, ran, swam or cycled, every cake baked, iced and sliced and from every party, ceilidh or film-night will ensure that some of the world's most vulnerable people are given much needed support.

Your guide to raising funds and changing lives...

Make a difference in the lives of people who need support by raising essential funds. Below is our fundraising six-step, all you need to know about maximising your efforts...

1. Choose your event

Busk on the streets or organise an evening of karaoke. Pyjama party! Your favourite rom-com, trilogy or box set with vast supplies of popcorn and cake. Friends and guests can make a donation, pay for a ticket or per slice of cake. Run a marathon, 1/2 or 10K. Go for a cycle... to Paris or Rome. Set yourself a challenge that will stretch you. Cake sale. Everyone loves cake... Recruit the best bakers and do the rounds. Your first job is deciding what to do. Choose something you love, something that will be a challenge or something that will bring loads of people together. You can slim down and train hard or eat cake and watch a film. Here are ten ideas to get you thinking. Organise a sweepstake. Whether it's tennis, football, rugby or the horses that float your boat, a sweepstake is an easy way to get people involved and raise some money. Have a paddle... or swim a mile. Throw a party or organise a concert. Organise a tombola. Auction your time. Spend a Saturday at the mercy of the highest bidders - cleaning cars and windows, vacuuming and walking dogs.

2. Get it in the diary

Find a venue and spread the word. Make sure you give your guests plenty of notice.

3. Set your sights

How much do you think you can raise? Make sure it's enough to challenge you but not too much that it defeats you. Could you manage to raise £480, enough to provide education, accommodation and food for a young person for a whole year? Perhaps 1/2 or even twice as much?

4. Enrol your friends

What are friends for if not to rope into helping you raise money for a great cause or even joining you in your challenge? Recruit them as bakers, stewards, cleaners, co-organisers or supporters.

5. Be safe

You may be planning to swim the channel, juggle fire or even jump out of a plane but whatever you do, put safety first. You can get great health and safety advice from 'The Health and Safety Executive' online.

6. Inspire people

Encourage people to follow your example. Make sure you tell them all about why you're doing what you're doing and how they too can get contribute towards our vision to see a world without poverty.

Really helpful stuff...

Finally, we've created some resources that will help you raise money and tell you what to do with your money once it's raised: