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Young people will write our next chapter. They are tomorrow’s teachers and carpenters, accountants, taxi drivers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, inventors and politicians. We want to ensure that they have the opportunity to study at secondary school and to fulfil their potential. Join us and help change a future, today.

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Rebekka, 13, shares a one-room apartment with her parents, sister and two brothers. Her father works when he can as a casual labourer. There story is familiar, there isn’t enough work to sustain the family’s nutrition and education. Rebekka did well in here KCPE mock exams and hopes to continue her studies at secondary school next year. The harsh reality that Rebekka and many other Children in Gituamba face is that school fees are prohibitively high. Without support Rebekka will finish school and her education at the end of the year. 

But, we have an opportunity to help. We want to ensure that children like Rebekka have the opportunity to continue their studies and fulfil their potential. Join us and help make it happen.


Meet Amos. He is 16 years old and has been out of school for three years. Amos struggled to achieve high grades at school; perhaps it was because his mum cannot read or write and so was unable to help his development, or maybe it was the lack of electricity and space to work in their small home. It may have even been because Amos knew it was unlikely his education would progress beyond primary school. What is clear is that Amos now struggles to find occasional work on building projects. He strives to earn enough to support his mother, brothers and sisters but the work is both unreliable and poorly paid.

Amos loves cars and would like to train as a mechanic. We’d love to give him that opportunity. There are many young people who, like Amos, would find it hard to fit back into school, we want to support them as they create for themselves and their families a brighter future.