What we do

We develop partnerships to empower communities. We work alongside local organisations, leaders and individuals to help facilitate and embed sustained empowerment.

We are people; individuals and collectives. We are young, we are old. We come from all over, we look like everyone you know and represent every walk of life. Despite our differences, we are united by our commitment to use what we have to empower those who do not yet know freedom. That's what makes us People.

Community Empowerment

We are motivated by our passion to empower communities and individuals. Empowerment means that people have the opportunity and means to choose their own path. They are free to fulfil their unique potential.

Even today millions of children are denied the opportunity to go to school and receive a foundation education, millions more have no access to clean water or proper sanitation, which has a significant affect on health.

We can do something about this and through working intentionally with communities and helping to identify and respond to the challenges they face, we move towards empowerment and freedom.

Community Partnerships

Community partnerships are central to all that we do. We work closely with local people and organisations who are able to identify opportunities and take leading roles in both the development and delivery of programmes. Their involvement is critical to empowerment and provides a practical and strategic advantage. Practically, they have an unparalleled understanding of local issues and existing relationships with tradespeople and authorities. Strategically, local ownership is the most effective way to ensure the sustainability and longevity of any programme and is the assurance of empowerment.

We also develop partnerships with international people and organisations who are able to bring their unique skills and resource to facilitate our work. As a global community we share all of the skills and resources required to bring the empowerment that we must, we just need to work on our distribution.

Find out more about the communities we're working with and how you can get involved.

Cotton Tree, Liberia   Gituamba, Kenya


We're working in Liberia to develop sustainable schools that provide exceptional education for the whole community.


Who Do You See? is your scholarship programme providing education and training for young people. We see the future.

Football league

The Uzimatele Football League does what only football can; inspire pride, passion and hope. It’s football at its purest.