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#CoffeeFreeFriday = #EasyPeasy

  1. Forgo just one coffee each week (hot chocolates and teas also work)

  2. Send us your savings of £2.50 per week, or £10 per month, and we’ll use it to support a child through school

  3. We’ll send you a FREE trendy reusable bamboo travel cup as a thank you

  4. Spread the word. We want to support 200 children

And there’s more…

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We will also be investing in programmes that bring sustainable change to the school and community.

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Clean water source

‘More people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war.’ - Ban Ki-moon - then Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Access to clean water will improve health and precious funds used to buy expensive bottled water can be invested in education.

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Insufficient sanitation has caused the spread of disease and even prevented girls from attending school. This cannot continue. We will be providing girls with sanitary products and empowering the community to build more latrines.

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Nutrition & Healthcare

We’re working with a team of experts to improve nutritional and healthcare knowledge and awareness.

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Syllabus development

We are working to ensure the local primary school not only meets the statutory requirements, but goes further. Where you live should not determine the level of education you are entitled to. We want to help develop an exceptional syllabus that enables children to fulfil their unique potential.

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Feeding programme

Many of the families we work with are unable to provide regular meals for their children. They often have to choose between food and clothes, or food and education. We want to ensure that children receive at least one good meal every day.

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Teacher Training

The majority of teachers we are working with have only received informal training. We will help them to develop pedagogy skills and confidence to improve education and increase admissions. Ultimately, well trained teachers provide better, and more sustainable, education.

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Put my coffee to work


The hard bit. Choosing a cup!

There’s a choice of four colours: orange, blue, grey and white. There’s also a choice of four message:

  1. ‘My coffee’s keeping kids in school’ - because it is!

  2. ‘My coffee’s cooking up a storm’ - because we’ll be using some of the funds to provide a feeding programme

  3. ‘My coffee’s digging a well’ - you can probably guess this one. That’s right, part of your donation will help to fund a clean water well

  4. ‘My coffee’s training teachers’ - because we’ll be investing in the teachers so that they can better educate children for many years to come.


Appeal to your inner Eco Warrior

Our reusable travel cups not only look great… they are!

In the UK alone, we dispose of 2.5 billion paper cups every year! Using reusable cups is the perfect way to reduce our impact on our precious planet.

Our bamboo #CoffeeFreeFriday cups are also compostable. Once your cup has earned its eternal rest (we recommend after one or two years depending on usage), you should break up your cup, soak it in boiling water and bury it in your compost.

The silicone lid and grip can be popped in the recycling.