Future leaders

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Gituamba, like so many of Nairobi’s satellite communities, is a hard place to grow up. And visiting is a hard reminder of just how much we are shaped by the people and opportunities around us.

The young people of Gituamba will soon be the leaders and decision makers – the question is, what kind of leaders will they become and what legacy will they leave?


Will they be compassionate, caring and hopeful?

Will they teach their children to read and of the opportunities that education can provide?

Will they impart better healthcare and hygiene knowledge?

Ultimately, will their children be in a position to grow on the foundations they lay, or will they have to work ever harder to overcome further entrenched poverty?

We are committed to journeying with Gituamba’s next generation of leaders; to ensure that the future is brighter and more hopeful. That’s why we do what we do, and is the challenge that frames our every step.

We are expanding our work and involvement with young people; joining up their primary and secondary schooling and helping them to develop the lifeskill and confidence that will transform their lives and those around them.

From early years development, through school and into career development, we are working to ensure that these amazing young people are provided the opportunities to confidently explore their individuality and creativity. We’ll keep you posted with our progress.

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Daniel Chalke