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We love Purity’s story. But, most of all, we love that she has grabbed the opportunity to author her own story. Who knows where it will lead…

Purity met Pastor George, the director of our partner organisation in Kenya, at the church he leads. In addition to Sunday activities, the church offers empowerment programmes and counselling services to the Gituamba community. It is also instrumental in providing education and schooling. Purity went on to receive a scholarship from People and was determined to make the most of the opportunities it presented. 

Though adjusting to life at a boarding school was at first hard, she soon overcame her homesickness and joined the Christian Union and volleyball team, and became a prefect from Form 1 until Form 4. This all helped her to build confidence and develop leadership skills, but also helped her to learn the important lesson of balancing priorities and workload. Having graduated, she recently enrolled in Thika Institute of Business Studies and is today pursuing a degree in Business Administration and hopes of one-day being self-employed. 

Between graduation from secondary school and beginning her university course, Purity volunteered at the Uzimatele Primary school and completed a cooking course in order to help out at home and become more self-sufficient. She also helped her mother run her shop while saving up and prepared for college.

When we asked Purity what advice she would give to future scholarship recipients, she said, “Many students do not take school seriously. My advice is to get involved – try many different programmes and activities until you find what you love and are good at…then commit yourself to your studies and you will be sure to make the most of the opportunity.”

Purity is our inspiration - both on a personal level, and as People. We must exploit every opportunity available to us, and to continue to provide them for young people whose stories are unfolding.

(We have changed the Purity’s picture inline with our child protection policy)